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What is Peta2?

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OK so a lot of you may know what Peta is. It's an organization for animals. The letters stand for PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICS OF ANIMALS. Which means basically means to NOT hurt animals. So now that we got that clear. But what is Peta2? You may be thinking isn't it the same thing as Peta? And the answer is yes & no. Let me explain.

Fur Is Dead!
About Peta2:

What's Peta2? Peta2 is a animal rights group that takes on anyone who abuses animals. From schools that don't allow the choice not to dissect to fashion designers who won't drop fur to fast-food giants that refuse to treat their animals right—if cruelty to animals is taking place, you can bet Peta2 will be on it.

And not to brag, but they are the largest youth animal rights group in the world—maybe even the universe.* How did they get so big?
Here's a Lil' back-story:

It all started back in the summer of 2002, when PETA was looking to expand its animal rights family. Low and behold, Peta2 was born (on Warped Tour even)!

On Warped Tour, the bands loved and nurtured Peta2 like it was their very own. Soon enough, Peta2 was ready to step out into the rest of the world (the World Wide Web, that is) with

Before you could say, "I Am Not a Nugget," Peta2 was at every major music festival, interviewing everyone from Rise Against to Fall Out Boy and winning campaign after campaign for animals.

So that brings us right up to the present day, where we're still fighting the good fight for animals. Here are the top five ways we do just that:

Advice: We make cruelty-free living super easy by offering advice from your favorite bands, a helpful community on our message boards, and our guides to show you exactly what to eat, what to wear, and even what to put on your face!

Street Team: The Street Team is the place to go for campaign updates and any tips you need on being a better animal rights activist. You can request free stickers and leaflets, and the best part is that you can even get free stuff for keeping us updated on all that you're doing for animals!

Videos: Whether it's an undercover investigation or interviews with Silverstein, hellogoodbye, or Steve-O, our videos help spread the word about animal rights.

Contests: Want tickets to Warped Tour? We got them. Want Peta2's latest T-shirt? We got that too. Peta2 has more contests than you can shake a stick at!

Free Stuff: From free stickers to free DVDs, Peta2 will send you whatever you need to get active for animals. For FREE!
Well, that's about it—Peta2 in a nutshell.

P.S. If you have any questions about Peta2, all you have to do is email them at

(*universe still unconfirmed)

OK so now you know what Peta2 is but you want to know how to join?

Its super easy!

The way it works is like this:
Step 1: Create a Street Team account and provide all the necessary info, including your mailing address.
Step 2: Log in to the Street Team and submit a report of what you did to help animals. If you need some ideas for what to include in your report,you can ask me :D
Step 3: Since you get points for each action you take to help animals, the points will start building up in your Street Team account. The more you do for animals, the more points you get. Just be sure to keep checking in to report what you're doing to help animals. It helps them provide you with better resources and will get you some free stuff even quicker.
Step 4: Now comes the best part of getting free stuff for your hard work. Just go to our Street Team goods page and request what you want. As long as you have enough points, they will send stuff out to you.
Step 5: Repeat (with a smile on your face).

I've been on their street team for about 4 months now. In my 1st month being on there i earned over 17,000 points. But i decided not to order anything because i wanted to wait & see if they would change there street team goods. Because they change it often. But I've been on there for awhile now & they just put up this super cute shirt! So i ordered it & another one. Within 4 months I've been on there I've gotten over 50,000 points. So i still have some points left :D And all you need to get a shirt is just 13,500. But you don't just have to get a shirt. You can get hoodies,lip balms,books,DVDs,wrist bands,guitar picks & more. You can also play some games on there site. Since joining i have changed. I am a better person. I've changed my eating habits & have change a few others(people) as well. Was it hard? nope! And i loved every minute of it! I hope to continue on being on the street team!

Want to see what shirts i ordered?

breasts,not animal tests

Free for all shirt

Friend not food shirt

Peta2 Pictures, Images and Photos

Go here to join!
Peta2 street team

Don't want join the street team? Or you can't wait to get some peta2 stuff? Then go buy some of their merch on the Peta catalog the money goes towards helping animals.

Go here & go shopping!

Peta catalog

Don't forget you can order stickers,DVDs & more from them & for free here:

Free stickers & more
More info

By the way i recommend you go to

Because theres a really great video on there.

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