Tuesday, September 15, 2009

90210 & Melrose Place synopsis

What happend in todays episodes of 90210 & Melrose Place just in case anyone missed them? Lets recap :D


Naomi is still furious with Annie from prom night and contemplates sending out a sexually explicit text message of Annie as payback. Silver is convinced that she and Dixon can mend their broken relationship, but Naomi and Adrianna convince her to give him some much-needed space. Liam attempts to apologize to Naomi for what happened on prom night and denies sleeping with Annie, but refuses to reveal who he was with. Meanwhile, Liam and Dixon join the surf team, in an effort to keep Liam's stepfather from sending him off to military school. Adrianna helps Navid, now in charge of The Blaze News, land an interview with Teddy,but she is shocked with Navid's interviewing tactics. Ryan continues to pursue Jen who continues to play hard-to-get.

So what do you think of this episode?

Do you think it's right that Naomi send the sext to everyone in the entire school?

Would you do it?

Melrose Place:

Still freaked out by the recent murder, the Melrose Place tenants try to resume some sense of a normal life. Ella learns from her new boss, Caleb, that her job could be in jeopardy due to a recent merger unless she brings in a huge client. Ella forces David to take her to a Brentwood party, where she hopes to land a big actor client, Jasper Still in desperate need of tuition money, Lauren agrees to go out on another date in exchange for money, but inadvertently winds up at the same party as David and Ella. Detective Rodriguez questions Auggie, and Auggie flashes back to when he first met Sydney in AA. Riley and Jonah view surveillance video of Violet acting oddly and begin to think she's hiding something.

So what did you think of the 2nd episode of the new series?

If you were put in a situation that you had to get money super quick & a lot would you do what Lauren did?

Question? Suggestion?

Comment me please!

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