Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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I just got through watching an infomercial.You might know what an infomercial is & you might not.It's basically a long commercial.But that's not why I'm blogging.You might not even care about infomercials.And that's fine but this particular infomercial was very important.It had to do with life & death.As i sat there watching i couldn't stop this feeling in my heart.It was my heart feeling compassion towards people towards the information i was listening too.And the knowledge i was receiving.What was this infomercial about? It was about the Jews.I'm not Jewish & my family is not Jewish but i am a person with a heart.I am a christian.I know that you might not be & that's completely your choice but you must have a heart? But back to the subject.These Jews are not just Jewish there human beings living creatures like you & i.I watched as they were in their home & doing nothing wrong.And being attacked for no reason.There houses were bombed.They had no freedom.Here in the United States.That doesn't happen.But over there they get killed just because of their race/religion.This should not be happening.But it's not just Jews.It happened all the time to Hispanics in the U.S & out.Can you stand to know that people are dieing for no reason? I cant & if your like me then if you can,could you please donate money to them? There is a charity that helps those that cannot live in there own houses,eat,be clothed,go to the hospital or get simple medications.If you want more information go to's a awesome charity that helps out :D

There you will be able to find out more ways to help.And whats going on.Thanks for reading!

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