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The VMA's.............

So im watching the VMA's right? And some interesting things happened.

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The first moments of MTV's Video Music Awards are always memorable, and VMA vet Madonna certainly did not disappoint with a tearful tribute to the late King of Pop.

Walking onto the darkened stage wearing a black zippered jacket and skirt, Madonna said:

"Michael Jackson was born in August, 1958. so was I. Michael Jackson grew up in the suburbs of the Midwest. So did I. Michael Jackson had eight brothers and sisters. So do I. When Michael Jackson was 6 he became a superstar and was perhaps the world's most beloved child. When I was 6 my mother died. I think he got the shorter end of the stick.

"I never had a mother, but he never had a childhood. And when you never get to have something, you become obsessed by it. I spent my childhood searching for my mother figures; sometimes I was successful. But how do you recreate your childhood when you are under the magnifying glass of the world for your entire life?

"There is no question that Michael Jackson was one of the greatest talents the world has ever known. ... That when he sang a song at the ripe old age of 8, he could make you feel like an experienced adult was squeezing your heart with his words. ... That the way he moved had the elegance of Fred Astaire and packed the punch of Muhammad Ali. ... That his music had an extra layer of inexplicable magic that didn't just make you want to dance but actually made you believe that you could fly, dare to dream, be anything that you wanted to be. Because that is what heroes do. And Michael Jackson was a hero.

"He performed in soccer stadiums around the world, he sold hundreds of millions of records, he dined with prime ministers and presidents. Girls fell in love with him, boys fell in love with him, everyone wanted to dance like him, he seemed otherworldly, but he was also a human being. Like most performers, he was shy and plagued with insecurities.

"I can't say we were great friends, but in 1991 I decided I wanted to get to know him better. I asked him out to dinner: I said, 'My treat, I'll drive, just you and me.' He agreed and showed up to my house without any bodyguards. We drove to the restaurant in my car. It was dark out, but he was still wearing sunglasses. I said, 'Michael, I feel like I'm talking to a limousine, do you think you could take off those glasses so I could see your eyes?' He paused for a moment, then he tossed the glasses out the window, looked at me with a wink and a smile and said, 'Can you see me now, is that better?'

"In that moment, I could see both his vulnerability and his charm. The rest of the dinner, I was hell-bent on getting him to eat French fries, drink wine, have dessert and say bad words, things he never seemed to allow himself to do. Later, we went back to my house to watch a movie and we sat on the couch like two kids, and somewhere in the middle of the film, his hand snuck over and held mine. It felt like he was looking for a friend more than a romance and I was happy to oblige him. And in that moment he didn't feel like a superstar, he felt like a human being. We went out a few more times together and then for one reason or another we fell out of touch. Then, the witch hunt began and it seemed like one negative story after the other was coming out about Michael. I felt his pain. I know what it's like to walk down the street and feel like the whole world has turned against you. I know what it's like to feel helpless and unable to defend yourself because the roar of the lynch mob is so loud that you are convinced your voice can never be heard.

"But I had a childhood, and I was allowed to make mistakes and find my own way in the world without the glare of the spotlight. When I first heard that Michael had died I was in London, days away from the opening of my tour. Michael was going to perform in the same venue as me a week later. All I could think about in that moment was that I had abandoned him. That we had abandoned him. That we had allowed this magnificent creature that once set the world on fire to somehow slip through the cracks. While he was trying to build a family and rebuild his career, we were all busy passing judgment. Most of us had turned our backs on him.

"In a desperate attempt to hold onto his memory, I went on the Internet to watch old clips of him dancing and singing on TV and onstage and I thought, 'My God, he was so unique, so original, so rare. And there will never be anyone like him again.' He was a king. But he was also a human being and alas, we are all human beings and sometimes we have to lose things before we can truly appreciate them. I want to end this on a positive note and say that my sons, age 9 and 4, are obsessed with Michael Jackson. There's a whole lot of crotch-grabbing and moonwalking going on in my house, and it seems like a whole new generation of kids has discovered his genius and are bringing him to life again. I hope that wherever Michael is now, he is smiling about this.

"Yes, yes Michael Jackson was a human being, but dammit, he was a king. Long live the king."

Taylor Swift won Best Female Video.And Kanye West wasnt happy about that & he had no sham to show it.

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This year, Kanye West picked the beginning of the Video Music Awards to deliver one of his famous rants.

The rapper stormed the stage just after the first award, for Best Female Video, was presented to Taylor Swift. He cut the teen singer off, grabbing the mic and protesting in support of Beyoncé.

"I'm sorry, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time," he proclaimed as B looked on from the crowd, stunned.

During the 2007 VMAs in Las Vegas, West delivered another rant and lost his temper after he was displeased with his performance being set inside a hotel suite rather than on the show's main stage.

'Ye's rants are usually in support of his own work. He memorably took the stage at the American Music Awards in 2004, declaring he was robbed of the Best New Artist nod.

His protest against Swift, however, was not well received. West stood briefly on the stage after his comments as the crowd was silent. Audience members then began to clap in support of Swift after West left the stage.

According to reports from inside the house, once cameras cut away from the action, West flipped off the crowd and returned to his seat. Wale then said to the crowd, "You can't blame a man for speaking his mind." His words were met with boos, and Wale then said, "Kanye, I tried." During the next commercial break, Pink walked by the rapper and appeared to shake her head in disgust before security escorted her away. West remained steadfast amidst the commotion as he kissed his girlfriend Amber Rose.

Later Beyonce won & let everyone know that she won her 1st vma award with Destiny's Child & that she loved how it felt to win her 1st time.And that she want Taylor to have her moment that was robbed from her.So Taylor came out & gave her victory speech.

Jack Black came out with Leighton Meester & was like a pyscho praying to ugh!!!!!! I dont want to even utter the name.That was horrible!!!!!!!! How anyone can do that is beyond me.It's horrible no it's disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And im outraged that mtv allowed that but whatever!

Green Day won for best Rock Video.

Lady Gaga's perfomance of paparazzi & then her win!

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There's a reason Lady Gaga kept her VMA performance such a secret: if she'd told you what she was planning, you wouldn't have believed it anyway.

As promised, the dance diva with a jones for complicated headgear provided an early highlight with a jaw-dropping performance that lived up to the hype. As the sound of a crashing chandelier interrupted her introduction, the camera cut to Gaga, lying on the floor, her face hidden behind a beaded mask with feather horns, getting helped to her feet by her male dancers.

Wearing white knee-high boots and a white belly-bearing unitard with a single feathered shoulder pad, she sang a few lines of "Poker Face" before busting into "Paparazzi" on a set that looked like an ornate mansion. Staggering around the stage with a cane at one point, Gaga pirouetted behind a dancer in a lily-white wheelchair and made her way over to a white grand piano, banging on the keyboard while hoisting one foot up on the keyboard, her voice growing more urgent with every frenzied note.

And then, in a wrinkle no one saw coming, Gaga staggered across the stage as blood began to drip from her ribcage and she wailed the lyrics to the song about media vultures. On the verge of tears, she dabbed at the blood, wiped it on her face and collapsed into a heap while a dancer wailed in agony and gently laid her down center stage.

Hanging listlessly by one hand, Gaga rose above her dancers and, blood smeared on her face and caked on one of her eyes, stared lifelessly at the stunned crowd while the sound of camera shutters filled the air and a golden halo was projected on the big screen behind her.

I was very happy for her! Im so glad she won she deserved it :D

Britney Spears also won a moon man.She for Best Pop Video.Yay Britney!!!!!!! But she wasnt there becuase of her tour.But she was there via satelite to give her victory speech.

Too bad Katty Perry didnt win award maybe next time ;)

Oh yeah Shakira & P!nk wore the same drees lol :p

So what do you guys think? Do you think it was right that Kanye did that?

What did you think of the entire show?

Question? Suggestion?

comment me please!

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