Tuesday, September 8, 2009

90210 & Melrose Place review

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A recap on last year's season finally:

Last season of 90210 it ended with Eathen telling silver that he had feelings for her in front of Dixon.And later they kissed but Dixon never found out about it.

Naomi finding Liam getting dressed & Annie's wrap on the floor.So she automatically assumed that he cheated on her with Annie.When in fact it was her sister Jen.Jen said that she deserved it.Naomi never finds out that it was really Jen who slept with Liam.

Later Adrianna goes into labor & has the baby.

While Annie's upset because Naomi accused her of sleeping with Liam in front of everyone at the party.She's drunk,hurt & calls the police.She tells them that there is a party with under age drinking.Then Annie gets into the car & hits someone on the street.Frantically she leaves the scene with the victim there lying on the ground dieing.

On the season premiere:

It kicks off with everyone in the entire school in summer school because of Annie(when she called the police).Then Noami starts to think about Jason.An older guy with a secret(he has a family).She then later finds out that he's married & has a family.And breaks it off telling him that she's not a skank.But before she knew who his wife was.She had a little spat with her earlier that day.But Naomi didn't start the little spat.His wife did.Naomi meets another guy named Teddy.Who turns out to be Adrianna's ex-boyfriend from camp.Which Naomi hates because now she can't get with him because of it.

Navid starts to feel that he's waited long enough to "be" with Adrianna.He tells Dixon that he thinks that tonight will be te night they will be together.So he asks for advise.Adrianna later lets him know that she doesn't want to do that yet.she says that it always leads to drama.And says she doesn't want to be drama Adrianna.So he agrees to wait 'till she's ready.He later finds out that Teddy is her ex.And is jealous of him because he was with her before.Later on Teddy reads one of Silver's text msg. from Eathen because he found her phone.The text says that he cant forget their kiss.

He then tells Dixon but he didn't know that they were together.Silver finds out that he did that so she confronts him & lets him know that he just ruined her life.While Annie is drunk(again)because Mark gave her a flask.She then ends up hooking up with him.And he takes pics of them.He starts to show his friends & then eventually Naomi gets her hand on to them.She sends it to everyone in the entire school for pay back.

i give it a **** review

Melrose Place:

On the series premiere:

It’s been 10 long years since the original Melrose Place was on television.

The show started with a marriage proposal by Jonah to Reilly.But was interrupted by Sydney being founded face down in the pool.She was stabbed before falling into the pool.Throughout the entire episode there are flashbacks for us to get to see who could possibly be the killer.

The first flashback was of Sydney threatening to ruin Ella for spilling the secret to David that she used to sleep with his father who happens to be Michael Mancini. Ella’s motive: Sydney gave her until the end of the month to find a new apartment.

Michael Mancini has a flashback showing that Sydney came to visit him at work in the hospital and wanted Michael back.Michael Mancini said he was happily married. Sydney asked him if was so happy then why did he contacted her after 11 years and then sleep with her if he was so happy.Michael’s motive for killing Sydney: She threatened to tell his wife that Michael and her were having an affair.

David is concerned with Sydney’s death since he blacked out from drinking and has no idea what happened with Sydney.

Jonah did propose to Riley, who didn’t answer him right away – but later says YES!! Jonah tells Ella who quickly tries to persuade Jonah not to settle down.

Lauren Gellar receives a call from her father who tells her that he lost his job and he could not longer pay for her med school.A patients son asks her on a date & then gets an offer from him.He says he'll give her 5,000 for her tuition if she sleeps with him.And in the end she does it.But will she do it again?

I'll give it a ***/ review

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