Tuesday, September 1, 2009

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So i went to go see a movie today with my family.We went to go see Night at the museum(battle of the Smithsonian)has anyone seen that movie? Well anyways i thought it was pretty good.I like the Jonas brothers part.i didn't know that they were going to have a little cameo type part.That was a surprise.Singing little cupids so cute!It was funny when Ben Stiller's character had a mini fight scene with the Smithsonian night guard.He stole his employee I.D. card without that guy even noticing.And the way he did it.Wow!That was pretty cool.Anyway it had a great message about doing what you love.Having dreams & trying to make them a reality.I love that message.Because it really hits me in my heart.And i bet it does to a lot of others.I have so many dreams that i want to come to pass.I know that its hard for us to do considering money & circumstances.But we should still try.If we have a lot of determination we can go far.We just need to be diligent & try and live life to the fullest! You only live once.There is no second chances.You cant just sit & wait for it to come & knock at you door.Because it wont you have to be ready for it.Because when opportunity knocks you gotta be ready to open the door.So prepare yourself for it.Believe in your dreams never give up & always have faith.And watch you'll be so glad you did! So what movies have you guys seen? And what did you think of 'them? Let me know guys :D I <3 feedback so give me some!

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