Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fall Show's Lineup part 2

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The returning shows are:



One Tree Hill


Gossip Girl

The Big Bang Theory

America's Next Top Model

& More

Supernatural preview:

Season Five is rumored to be the last season, due to Eric Kripke's statements over the years that he has planned for the show to run for five seasons. Jensen Ackles has mentioned in an interview that at the time Season Four would be the last, but due to higher ratings, they were signed on for a subsequent season. Despite this, Jensen and Jared have contracts for a sixth season, if the CW chooses to once again pick up the show. The fifth season's pilot will kick off with Lucifer coming.I wonder what the guys are going to do?.So people please watch this show it's one of my faves.I want them to have a season 6 :D

Smallville preview:

will be updated soon!

One Tree Hill preview:

will be set one year into the future after the sixth season, without former co-stars Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton.It will introduce three new characters: Haley's free spirited sister Quinn; Nathan's agent Clayton; and Alex, the new face of Clothes Over Bros (was originally to be named Alexis but it was changed to Alex). Also, Danneel Harris who played Rachel is scheduled to reappear in a seven episode arc this season, starting with the second episode.Barry Corbin, who portrays Whitey, has stated that he may return as a series regular or a recurring character. Austin Nichols, who portrays Julian Baker, has been promoted to full series regular after being a recurring star in the sixth season.It sucks that Chad's & hilarie's characters are not in the show anymore :(

90210 preview:

So Dixon and Silver's relationship will suffer due to two new characters, Sasha, an African-American woman who pursues Dixon, and Teddy, a tennis champ who pursues Silver and later Adrianna. Annie will also go through hard times and feel isolated from the group, Dixon will abandon her because he gets "sick of her drama" when nude photos of her surface. Silver will reconnect with old friends Adrianna and Naomi.

Season 2 kicks off on September 8, 2009 at 8:00pm on The CW.

Gossip Girl preview:

This season will have many guest's.
Hilary Duff has confirmed that she will be joining the show for a multi-episode guest arc in this season as Olivia Burke, a famous movie star who wants a normal college experience.This character was inspired by real life actress Emma Watson's decision to attend college.Joanna GarcĂ­a has confirmed that she will also be joining the show for the first four episodes as Bree Buckley, an "evil Miss America type" from a rival Texas family who have a lot of beef with the Archibalds - she will serve as love interest for Nate.America's Next Top Model boss Tyra Banks has been confirmed to appear in the fourth episode as Ursula Nyquist, a larger than life actress, who'll work with Serena. Also appearing in this episode is Sonya Harum an up and coming actress and designers Tory Burch and Georgina Chapman.Music group Sonic Youth will make a guest appearance in the show's fifth episode playing an acoustic version of their song "Starpower". This episode is a "big event" involving Rufus and Lilly.

America's Next Top Model preview:

will update soon!

The Big Bang Theory preview:

will update soon!

Network to watch:

The CW

Show's to watch:

on monday's:One Tree Hill-8:00

on tuesday's:90210-7:00 & Melrose Place-8:00

on wednesday's TBL-8:00

on thursday's The Vampire Diaries-7:00 & Supernatural-8:00

on fridays smackdown-7:00-9:00

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