Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Celebrity Autograph Experiment

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How generous are celebrities on giving autographs to there fan's? that's a good question. And I've been thinking about it & thought I'd like to know the answer.
Don't you? so i thought about conducting an experiment to figure it out.

so I've decided to mail celebrities writing them a fan letter & ask for an autograph.
I'll be sending the letter's out soon & i can't wait to what responses i get. Now i know that not everyone will send me one but I'm going to try. Plus we'll find out which celebs go out of there way to please their fans which one's don't.

Now I'm not saying they don't care if i don't get an autograph back but maybe they could care a little more considering it's because of us that they have any money & fame. how many letter's I'll be sending out? I don't know yet but is going to be a lot.

Now I've had some trouble in finding legit addresses so if you know any could you please let me know? thanks!

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Who will i be asking? (or at least try to get)

Disney star's (all)
The Twilight cast
CW star's from the hit shows: The Vampire Diaries,90210,Gossip Girl,Supernatural & etc.
ABC family star's from the hit shows: The Secret Life of the American Teenager,Make it or Brake it & etc.
Athlete's from different sport's such as soccer,football,baseball,basketball & etc.
Game show host's from: Deal or no Deal,Bob Barker & etc.
Singer's: Lady gaga,Britney Spear's,Jennifer Lopez,Paulina Rubio,Rhianna & etc.
Band's/Group's:Three Days Grace,My Chemical Romance,Boys like Girls,Green Day,Alter Bridge,Skillet & etc.

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Basically every known singer,actor/actress,band or group & athlete!

Now this is not about me getting an autograph so much as it is who would actually do this for a fan.Since this is an experiment i will be doing follow ups in the coming week's to keep you updated.

Let's see how many celebs will give me an autograph for being a fan & not charge me 'cause I've heard of celebs charging for an autograph which i don't think is right they make so much money.

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Comment below with suggestions/comment's

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